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Lucy Land Farm



The amazing health benefits that can be achieved by our merino wool are simply stunning. Most aches and pains can be helped by using our HealthWrap, from arthritis, thrombosis to bulging discs.  100% 30 day money back guarantee if our HealthWrap cannot help you. Not only does our HealthWrap have amazing health benefits, it is also 100% chemical free, ethically grown and regeneratively farmed and 100% Australian made. 



Baby Blankets


Lucy Land produces numerous garments and products, all hand made in NSW with the beautiful wool produced by our beautiful sheep. Or you can commission your own garment if you have a pattern or a design in mind. The wool is made entirely in Australia and is chemical free, ethically grown and regeneratively farmed.

Give Baby the best start with a Lucy Land Baby Blanket in either natural or dyed. All hand made in NSW, 100% Australian made, ethically grown and regeneratively farmed in addition to all the major health benefits of chemical free Merino wool.

Yarn, 100% Australian

50g Ball.jpg

100% Australian produced, chemically free, ethically grown and regeneratively farmed. Our sheep are lovingly cared for from birth. They have constant access to water, shelter, food and hugs. We don't drench, vaccinate, remove their tails and we certainly do not mules.

Meet the Sheep


Come and meet the sheep in person, bring a picnic and have a tour with the farmer herself. $20 per person or $50 per family. Or you can click on the button below to meet them online.

Farm Tours


Visit Lucy Land and meet our beautiful animals in person. Hand feed and pat the sheep. Go on a farm tour with the farmer herself and see Llyod the alpaca. Bring along your own picnic to eat in the picturesque paddock.

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