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Meet the Sheep

We are currently running 58 beautiful Merino sheep here at Lucy Land. All the girls have names and the entire flock comes running when they are called. They have constant access to Pat Coleby minerals, free choice. Rotational grazing is used as well as Stressfree Stockhandling, Permaculture and Holistic Management principles. I try to keep my sheep as healthy and happy as possible. Often you will find a couple of sheep in my office trying to help me do the paperwork. We still have one of the original 25 ewes that came from Cunnamulla in 2013 but all the rest have been born right here at Lucy Land. I don't mules nor do I remove their tails. I don't drench unless absolutely necessary and I don't vaccinate so the wool is completely chemical free. All the sheep have massive personalities and I love each and every one of them!

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Phoebe's mum had issues raising her, so I bottle fed her. She is now over three years old and still gets the occasional bottle. She has a daughter called Jessie and she also likes a bottle every now and then. Phoebe loves the car and likes to jump in whenever I accidently leave the door open!

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Olivette is so named because she always wants more (the female version of Oliver). She has given birth to 3 sets of twins in three years. The first set were girls, Sue and Narmi (Tsunami, as they were a tidal wave of trouble). Sue has since given birth to Jasmine and Narmi has a beautiful daughter called Simone.

Inside the shed

During lambing I sleep in the shed with the sheep to be on hand if there are any problems. The little lambs think my bed is the best play equipment. The sheep always have access to one of these sheds. It has a fresh bed of straw for them to sleep on and Pat Coleby free choice minerals in each pen. 


Lucy Lamb

Lucy came to live with us in Newcastle in July 2004 as a three month old lamb. She was born on a farm near Brewarrina, far western NSW, in the middle of a drought. She had never seen grass before coming to live with us and refused to walk on it. For the first few days she would just eat dirt out of the garden bed. But she soon found lollies and chocolates and then there was no stopping her - literally. There is not a door or a gate that she couldn't open, and she would wait for the most inopportune time to do so. Unfortuantely Lucy Lamb passed away in 2017 and she is sadly missed. But the farm she started still lives on.



Jental is another ewe that has twins each year. 2016 she gave us Kazza and Bazza. They were so very tiny and needed so much help to ensure they survived. 2019 Jental gave birth to Lizzy and Beth. She is a very good mum and usually raises the twins easily.



2016 lambing started with twin girls, so they were called Agatha and Christie. Their mum didn't really have a name, so we called her Miss Marple. Mum struggled with the birth and ended up being sick for a few days, so we gladly helped feed the gorgeous little twins until Miss Marple was back up on her feet again.

Lambs on the bed.jpg

Lambing Time

Lambing time is an exciting and nervous time for us at Lucy Land. Sarge the dog and myself sleep with the expecting mothers just to be on hand in case anything goes wrong. It is always a relief when it is over and we can enjoy the little lambs skipping in the paddock.



Each one of our lambs are precious and they all get the royal treatment. They are massive time wasters and very naughty, getting into everything they shouldn't, especially when told not to! But it is hard to drag yourself away from them when they are this cute and this little though!

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