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About Lucy Land Farm


About Us

Ethical, Regenerative and Chemical Free Farming

Lucy Lamb was my pet sheep living in Newcastle. She needed a place to retire to, so we bought her Lucy Land and we bought her lots more friends. We have the highest level of respect for all our animals.

We give back to the land as much as possible, sequestering over 400kgs of carbon per day. We generate all of our own electricity, collect and store all of our own water and make most of our own food. We are not reinventing the wheel but simply following in the footsteps of some rather clever people and principles such as Permaculture, Holistic Management, Pat Coleby, Peter Andrews and Joel Salatin.

Our goal is to produce a self sufficient and abundant ecosystem where each element is properly respected and enabled to it's fullest potential. We like to think that we are just allowing Mother Nature to do her thing.

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